Sunday, February 15, 2009

On having to edit everything I see

I have a problem.  I seem to see every grammar, spelling and punctuation error around me.(Is that sentence correct? I certainly hope so!) So while walking from my car into the house this afternoon after church, I saw something I had looked at many times and never really SEEN at all. So now I have some questions: Who is Lego?  Why does this tin belong to him/her? Did Lego write that on the tin? Again, who is Lego?  AND WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE/SHE DOING IN MY HOUSE WRITING ON MY TINS? Well, it just struck me as funny today when I saw it. I've had many discussions with my children on how many people just don't know how to use commas, quotation marks and ESPECIALLY apostrophes.  Now, don't go and get offended if you are the one who wrote this--let's keep our sense of humor.  I think I will begin a series of blog posts on these kind of things I see all around me.  It amuses me.

Here's a bonus one I just saw in our local newspaper: "Hanging On back"--what is hanging, and on whose back?  Is this connected with the next part, "with new strips coming soon?" 
hanging on back--strips--new strips. I don't like the picture this is forming in my head.  Is it about sleazy strip joints?  Or is someone's shirt tattered and torn and barely hanging on and happy that new strips are coming soon to make it whole again?  You must see how confusing things are when good grammar rules are not followed. And funny...

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Grandma said...

Ok, as soon as this posted, I found AN ERROR!!! Too funny.