Sunday, February 1, 2009

C's blessing day

Yeah, Surprise!!  You didn't think I'd ever post again, did you!! haha!

So I've been sitting here thinking today how great it is to be a part of a family.  C was blessed today by his daddy, and I LOVED being there.  A, B and Lil B, B and J and C came, too, to share the experience.  Our family is very precious to me, and the knowledge that we are sealed through Priesthood power all together is so awesome.  Then I think of us being sealed to generations of our ancestors as well, and I am struck by the love Heavenly Father has for us all.  He wants all of His children to go home to Him just as I want all my children to be with me forever.

At Christmas, we managed to get everyone here at the same time to take a picture.  I was kind of obsessed with getting everyone together.  It's kind of like the hen trying to get all her chicks under her wings.  I want them all--forever--and pray every day that our family will be forever.


Manda said...

Hey, you blogged! Nice!

I'm glad we were able to come down for the blessing, too. DDR did a good job.

I'm glad to be part of YOUR family. I'm glad to get to have you around for always.

Nicole said...

I love you so very much! I'm so thankful to Heavenly Father for bringing me to Kingman and helping me to meet DDR. SO many wonderful blessings have come to me because of that!