Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dog jackets

So after hearing about and seeing the jacket Amy made for Kaos, I've decided I need to make one for Kitty.  After all, it's cold out there.  I am open to suggestions for embroidery on the pocket of the jacket.  Just think, if I choose yours, it will be immortalized on a doggy jacket.  Check out this website with lots of dog and cat clothes:


Camargo said...

"shiver me timbers"

Check out:

Shiver my timbers (usually pronounced "shiver me timbers")

Big B

Grandma said...

Oh, yeah, Camargo--this is THE ONE!! I really have to use the Shiver me timbers! So apt! Maybe that should be on one side, and "I got this jacket so I won't" on the other one. hahahahahaha Thanks for the great idea.