Thursday, August 27, 2009

tender mercies from the Lord

So, I was cleaning my room today and I came to a tote bag I sometimes use when on trips. When I picked it up, a vivid picture came into my mind of me finding the diamond from my wedding ring. I had lost it two years ago. At the time I hunted everywhere for it but couldn't find it. So I got a flashlight and hunted through several pockets and the cell phone case and the zippered pouch. Then I took everything out of the purse's main section and shined my flashlight into it. There was this little beauty shining at me! Now, seriously, that is a tender mercy from the Lord. I said a prayer of thanks right then.

I could totally have dumped the crumbs and whatnot from the purse straight into the trash, but instead I looked carefully and found a gem.

Isn't that a heartwarming story? It is to me.

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Diane said...

wow! what a story!